Frequently Asked Questions

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18 July kl. 12:22

Question: Why did you start FiveM Global?

We have been speaking with a lot of FiveM users and it has always been a mess to have a big and satisfying overview for your FiveM server and therefore we wanna offer the new and revolutionizing overview for not just your FiveM server but all in one, like jobs/whitelist requests, rules, admin panels, ban and everything is with a permission system so you can scale who have access to do what on your platform.

Furthermore, then we are launching everything with a Rating system so you can see what servers are the best and gives the best service to its clients.

In the future, we will provide an admin menu for FiveM the game with the possibility to have a united ban database to get rid of modders in FiveM.

18 July kl. 12:24

Question: Is everything free about FiveM Global?

Frontpage and the rules page are free to use as much as you want. We are working on developing whitelist, jobs and an admin panel integrated with ESX or vRP database migration, these will also be free in a time-limited period when registered and then afterwards you will have to donate.

we are sorry that we need to charge people for using all functions, but that is the only way we can maintain this website up and running for everyone.